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Tahnee Witt

Tahnee is Founder, Director and Principal consultant at Reach Life. She is a well sought after senior mental health clinician best known for her work in and treatment of emotional dysregulation, post-natal depression and anxiety disorders. She commits to using personal presence, attentive listening and warmth to create a safe and secure therapeutic space to cultivate growth and capacity building for her clients. She is passionate about supporting and developing our helpers and health professionals and provides clinical mentoring and supervision.

Catherine Yates

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Catherine is the supporting Principle consultant at Reach Life. Catherine is an Occupational Therapist with a post graduate diploma in counselling and psychotherapy. She has a passion for working with both adults, families and in particular, young people, from all walks of life. Catherine specializes in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). She works alongside her clients to create rich, values based and meaningful lives.


Catherine works with a range of issues such as life adjustment, identity development, anxiety and depression, OCD, emotion regulation difficulties, and trauma. Catherine is medicare registered, offering medicare and private health rebates and can provide NDIS therapy and Functional Capacity Assessments. 

“As a therapist, I strive to see the whole person. I believe that people are not broken or damage, but that sometimes, we need a little help to find our way. I believe in helping people thrive.” Catherine

Alison James

Alison is an experienced clinician passionate about the development and support of personal growth, confidence and body esteem with women. She is equally sought after for her skills in the treatment and management of anxiety and mood related disorders in youth and adult populations.

Alison is medicare registered, offering medicare and private health rebates. She can provide Occupational Therapy and Assessments for NDIS funded clients.

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Bec Southwood

Bec is an Occupational Therapist. She has a special interest in in pediatrics and works with pre-kindy aged through to high-schools to assess, treat and support developmental milestones, develop fine and gross motor skills, improve attention and classroom adjustment. Bec also uses sensory modulation strategies and environmental assessment with her pediatric clients. Bec specializes in NDIS assessments and supports, CBT and emotion regulation across the lifespan.

Emma Ketly

Emma is an Occupational Therapist with a passion for working with emotion regulation and trauma. She has worked in the field for 17 years and is trained in DBT, CBT and ACT. Emma is medicare registered and can provide private health rebates and NDIS therapy and assessment. 

Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie is psychologist with many years of experience working across the lifespan. She is calm, compassionate and approachable. Stephanie  understands how challenging it can be to share some of your deepest fears and insecurities at difficult times in your life,  when your resources are at their lowest ebb. She will walk alongside you in this journey.


Stephanie has extensive experience working with individuals and with families on a wide range of issues. These include anxiety and depression, parenting difficulties, adolescent behaviour and development and relationship difficulties. Stephanie delivers CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy and Couples Therapy.

Stephanie is medicare registered, offering medicare and private health rebates.

Trey Wakefield

Trey is a provisionally registered psychologist working at Reach Life.He has a special interest in working with young peopke and has a passion toward men’s mental health and wellbeing. Trey has a warm, welcoming and relaxed approach to counselling and therapy, and makes it a priority for people to feel comfortable in the room.


Trey works alongside many presentations, including depression, anxiety, OCD, stress/anger management, Autism, and trauma. Trey specialises in delivering Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Emotional Regulation.

" I like to offer a comfortable and relaxed environment to therapy. Whilst therapy covers some of the more serious aspects of a person’s life, I believe there is room for levity and humour at the right times and moments." Trey

Trey is AHRRA registered and can work with NDIS participants.

Danica Neivandt

Danica takes on two roles at reach life, as a support worker and the customer support leader. Danica has completed a degree in counselling and human resource management and is currently studying social work. Danica has worked with adults and teenagers in social support, community access, and daily living skills.

Danica has a degree in Human Resources Management and Counselling. She is currently undertaking a degree in Social Work where she is growing her knowledge and passion for understanding the different lives that we all live and the impacting factors that we face.


"I love seeing my clients reach their goals and feel that sense of accomplishment, sometimes the first steps are really the hardest ones." Danica

Paula Henderson

Paula is a senior OT with experience in workplace rehabilitation, youth mental health, suicide prevention and the community service sector. Paula has a particular interest in developing community support networks through engagement in meaningful activity, and believes that we thrive when we harness our ability to build connections with others.


Paula strengths include use of sensory modulation, and has experience in evaluating and implementing sensory strategies with individuals and groups. In addition she has completed training in various psychological strategies including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT). She enjoys participating in creative activities, and often utilises these skills within the mental health sector, having also completed a Bachelor of Arts in Textile Design. Assisting others to express themselves creatively whilst on their own path of self-discovery is one of the joys that lead her to entering the OT profession.

Paula is medicare registered, offering medicare and private health rebates and can provide NDIS therapy and Functional Capacity Assessments.

Paula is not taking new referrals in 2020.

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