Group Programs

Youth 18 - 25 years

Focus: Increasing psychological flexibility and occupational development. We will explore emotional regulation, distress tolerance, skills based learning including relaxation, mindfulness, problem solving, interpersonal effectiveness skills and goal setting. We will also look at how to handle difficult situations and scenarios, and how to cope with the stress that comes with these settings. Keep Calm and Feel also focuses on relapse prevention, and how to deal with daily pressures.

Keep Calm and Feel also incorporates creative expression, and community involvement and interaction into its structure. We offer free yoga and personal training trials, we well as complementary art classes, for those with a imaginative, expressive side.

Structure: 8 weekly sessions and 4 week and 12 week follow up.


Focus: Working to Wellness is a course constructed for adult clients for whom work is a primary stressor, or for whom return to work is a primary goal. We work towards settling back into a normal, constructive work environment, and how to deal with workplace scenarios.

  • Values based goal setting regarding work (including paid and volunteer activity) that includes consideration of vocational counselling to match skills/ interests to vocations

  • Psycho-education regarding life balance and managing stress related to work.

  • Skill development in interpersonal effectiveness and assertiveness in work situations

  • Skill development in resume, CV and job seeking skills

  • Mood management strategies for managing disappointment in job seeking

  • Anxiety management strategies for managing interview stress and job seeking.

  • Suitable for long term unemployed, people returning to workplace after long breaks, people feeling "stuck" in current work situations.

Structure: 8-10 Sessions

Children 7-9 and 10-12 years 

Focus: CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) based group work, assisting children to make connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Kids Connect explores helpful strategies for dealing with difficult emotions, and tricky situations. We help kids to build practical skills in relaxation, mindfulness, coping strategies, goal setting and interpersonal effectiveness. Kids Connect provides opportunities within the group setting to role play skills related to dealing with conflict and increasing social confidence.

Structure: 8 weekly sessions, 4 and 12 week follow up.


Focus: Suitable for individuals having had a recent hospitalisation or health crisis. Footsteps to Recovery is a post discharge recovery group providing psycho-education, skills development, networking and goal setting for individual recovery plans. Including topics on self- care, sleep hygiene, activity scheduling, communicating with family and friends and returning to work, Footsteps to Recovery will ensure a successful transition. We focus on skill development in mood and anxiety management, mindfulness and healthy lifestyle and relapse prevention/management. We also off access to mental health nurses for an educational session on medication support and information.

Designed to prevent relapse to acute care settings for individuals not supported by community care agencies.

Structure: 8 weekly sessions


Focus: Healthy lifestyle group suitable for managing and preventing metabolic syndrome. Life Matter is a goal setting and activity scheduling, psycho-education and skill development course that features the following:

  • Includes a personal training session and a group based fitness session (Step into Life).

  • Guest session featuring our dietician and diabetic nurse.

  • Mental Health Nurse support.

Structure: 8 Weekly Sessions


Focus: Emphasis on behavioral activation strategies including goal setting, willingness and commitment planning. Lifestyle factors and community networking are included. Make a Move is an outdoors activity based group that includes homework and CBT goal setting. A free trial at community exercise class via Step Into Life and a Yoga session.

Structure: 8-10 Weekly Sessions


Focus: Increasing psychological flexibility and occupational development. Exploring meaningful roles and barriers to  participation. Emotional regulation, distress tolerance, skills based learning including relaxation, mindfulness, problem  solving, interpersonal effectiveness skills, goal setting. How to survive a crisis and relapse planning/ prevention. Also incorporating creative expression, community networking. Free trial sessions with Yoga, art expression and personal  training.

Structure: 8 weekly sessions and 4 week and 12 week follow up.

Early Intervention / First Episode Group

Focus: Combining working with voices, ACT and Mindfulness based CBT approaches to help individuals reconnect with family, community and occupational roles after a first episode. Re-Connect involves activity scheduling, goal setting, recovery mapping, family education and reconnecting with work and study. Re-Connect also focuses on interpersonal communication skills and sleep and medication management.

Structure: 8-10 Weekly Sessions


Focus: Tool Box is a men's group providing a tool kit of skills for managing difficult emotions, creating effective communication skills with partners and kids and creating goals. Tool Box also features on how to survive a crisis and provides psychoeducation regarding lifestyle factors. Tool Box is ideal for Fly In Fly Out workers as it focuses on inner strength and effective communication skills.


Focus: Tai Chill-Chi is a system practised for health maintenance, healing and increasing VITALITY! It is low impact on joints and suitable for all fitness levels. Why not consider booking a Tai Chill-Chi session for your next staff development activity.


Focus: For organisations delivering care services, we can provide consultancy on assessment and care planning for residents and development of therapy and activity programs on a fee for service basis. As part of our commitment to Reaching Out to community, we have provided visiting services to residents in longer term care to enable access to counselling services. In the past we have been involved with assisting facilities to plan and host Mental Health Week activities, access community based therapy initiatives such as Pet Therapy programs and network with other community providers.

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