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Tips for Coping With Change

Psychological flexibility predicts coping with life changes. There’s a saying that says "the only constant is change".

Psychological flexibility allows people to:

• Adapt to situational demands

• Reconfigure mental resources

• Shift perspective

• Balance competing demands, needs and life stressors

Sounds about right!

Here are some things you can do to keep your mind and nimble:

• Practice mindfulness or develop a mindfulness practice. This allows you to step back from difficult mental stories, and gather perspective.

• Keep your mind stimulated by leaning new things regularly. This could be from learning a language, practicing a skill (e.g. a music instrument) or brain training type games.

• Do things you know how to do differently. This keeps the mind alert- and takes us out of autopilot. Cut your sandwich in triangles instead of squares… you get the idea.

• Get out of your comfort zone. Anything that takes the brain out of familiar neural pathways helps the brains ‘muscle’ become stronger and more flexible.

This may sound like a lot to take on. We are here to help. Reach Life continues to remain open during times of change. Please reach out if you would like to connect with someone at Reach Life. We accept private billing, Mental Health Care Plans, and NDIS funding (self & plan managed).

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